• Proper Gloves Removal

    Proper Gloves Removal
    Pinch the wrist of the outside of the glove, about 1 inch from the edge. Make sure you don’t touch your arm. Pull off so the glove turns inside out, without touching your skin. Bunch it up in your hand. Slip your index finger, or 2 fingers under the remaining glove. Don’t touch the outside of the glove Slide the glove off (both...
  • Foods that hydrate the eyes

    Foods that hydrate the eyes
    Dry eyes have a lot of causes. Some are out of our control, like systemic diseases, skin type, skin disorders, and genetics. But there are always things we can do to improve the severity of dry eye symptoms, and diet is one of them. Our eyelids have tiny glands, like oil glands in our skin, which produce a special kind of oil that...
  • Fish Oil For Dry Eyes

    Fish Oil For Dry Eyes
    Taking a high quality, daily fish oil supplement is a safe way to boost our diet with the essential omega 3 fatty acids that have so many good effects on dry eyes and general health, especially if we don’t eat enough fish each week. Intro: Dry eye is a complex and chronic condition that can worsen or improve with multiple variables. One of...
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