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  • Itchy Eyelids? It Could Be Mites!

    Itchy Eyelids?  It Could Be Mites!
    One of the microorganisms that can cause eyelid inflammation, itching and dry eyes is actually a mite. Dr. B can see evidence of these critters using the biomicroscope, and may prescribe an eyelid wipe formulated to kill them. “Tea tree oil acts against bacteria, fungus, mites, and inflammation, all of which may be involved in some forms of blepharitis” said the Ophthalmology Times....
  • Fastest Way To Eye Relief

    Fastest Way To Eye Relief
    Dry eyes can be a real pain in the eye! You might feel your eyes are dry, irritated, red, blurry vision that comes and goes, stinging or burning like something’s in your eyes, or like sandpaper, as you blink, among others. In our clinic, Advanced Vision Care and Dry Eye Spa in Tucson, Arizona, our dry eye program for the fastest relief possible...
  • Foods that hydrate the eyes

    Foods that hydrate the eyes
    Dry eyes have a lot of causes. Some are out of our control, like systemic diseases, skin type, skin disorders, and genetics. But there are always things we can do to improve the severity of dry eye symptoms, and diet is one of them. Our eyelids have tiny glands, like oil glands in our skin, which produce a special kind of oil that...
  • Retinal Health (part 1)

    Retinal Health (part 1)
  • Fish Oil For Dry Eyes

    Fish Oil For Dry Eyes
    Taking a high quality, daily fish oil supplement is a safe way to boost our diet with the essential omega 3 fatty acids that have so many good effects on dry eyes and general health, especially if we don’t eat enough fish each week. Intro: Dry eye is a complex and chronic condition that can worsen or improve with multiple variables. One of...
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