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Our mission: offer products that are hand-picked, tested and prescribed by Dr. David Burgett, who personally researches and uses them before approving them. Our core values: provide smooth, swift service and affordable shipping with no-hassle returns.
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Dr. David Burgett

The founder and CEO of DrBproducts.com is David Burgett, O.D. After growing up in Spain, he graduated from UC San Diego and then New England College of Optometry in 2001. He has practiced in Spain, California and Arizona, and has extensive experience and training in the areas of ocular disease management, pediatric exams, dry eye treatments, and advanced contact lens fitting. Dr. Burgett currently practices at Advanced Vision Care and Dry Eye Spa in Tucson, Arizona, where he prescribes products to treat eye diseases on a daily basis. With a passion for promoting optimal health and wellness through diet, fitness and the practice of meditation, he and his wife enjoy hiking in nature, tennis and cycling.


“Since I started practicing 20 years ago, I’ve noticed how the products we use in our daily life have a profound impact on our health and how we feel. Patients look to me to prescribe them quality medicine and products that will be effective in treating their conditions without breaking the bank.” “Over the years I’ve seen so many products out there that are ineffective and overpriced, and can even cause harm or be toxic over time. For example, there is no FDA testing or regulation over vitamins and health supplements, so as you can imagine it’s hard to know if a product will do what it’s supposed to or even that it contains the ingredients written on the package. Because of this, it has become my mission to help people choose products that I feel are healthy, effective and reasonably priced. That’s why I created AsturiaHealth.” – Dr. B

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