Vision Disorders In Children

From an eye doctor’s perspective, it’s both amazing and a little scary to think of how many children have undiagnosed vision problems that are sight-threatening. Refractive errors (the need for glasses) or small eye turns in children can lead to permanently reduced vision if left untreated. One condition called strabismus, (known as eye turn or lazy eye) can be so slight it may not be noticeable by the parent or child, but can jeopardize a child’s sight. Strabismus is an eye disorder that may cause permanently decreased vision and poor depth perception for the rest of the child’s life if not treated in time. Your child’s sight could be at risk even if you don’t notice any symptoms. Some signs of vision disorders are squinting, winking, or head turn. However, you may not notice any of these symptoms because the child may be relying on the “good” eye and they may appear normal. To be sure your child does not have an undetectable vision disorder we strongly urge parents to get their children’s eyes examined as soon as possible, at age 3 or younger.